SpearIx Technologies, Inc

“A Wireless Network Calculator is now available to determine reduction in Total Cost of Ownership for Industrial IoT applications with SpearIx solution.”
Please contact us at info@spearix.com to obtain a copy of the calculator

Vision & Mission

“Accelerating Transition to Wire-free Machine Systems”

Patented TurboMesh Technology

Existing IIoT wireless sensor platforms use SoC chip-sets developed in the last decade for low speed and low impact applications creating a barrier for next generation IIoT platforms. SpearIx offers world’s first low power wireless technology for mission-critical applications in Industrial IoT.  SpearIx patented TurboMesh technology employs advanced RF and DSP architectures with intelligent data traffic management algorithms to provide ultra reliability, low latency & high throughput performance.


Introducing 5th Generation IIoT

SpearIx wireless product offers industrial-grade longevity and backwards compatibility without compromising in performance, reliability and total cost of ownership.