10X Reliability UNTETHERED™

Backwards compatible paradigm transformation in battery powered and low energy wireless connectivity with RADiS™ multi-core RF and TurboMESH™ network management.


The Range


More Reliable


More area Coverage

Our Vision

Accelerating Transition to Wire-Free Machine Systems

A team with decades of experience

Our team are the drivers of an untethered future.

Core Reliability

Spearix is an early stage semiconductor startup realizing technology that makes wireless visible, reliable and predictable.


About Our Technology

Modern requirements of emerging applications place new demands on wireless. Wireless can no longer rely on human activity to operate. Wireless for machines requires visibility, reliability and predictability. Low power autonomous devices cannot afford dropped calls, unreliable connections and cannot move themselves out of a dead zone to send the next message. Autonomy and control can only be achieved using reliable wireless.


Patented multi-core RF processor technology auto-tunes wireless links to optimize power and performance independent of protocol, frequency, data-rate.


A powerful network management solution boosts network capacity and expands network coverage while delivering high visibility and reliability.

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News & Articles

Spearix Accepts Strategic Investment from Emerson Ventures

8.29.2022 Spearix Technologies, Inc. announces a strategic investment from Emerson (NYSE: EMR) through its corporate capital arm, Emerson Ventures. The partnership springboards commercialization of Spearix proprietary adaptive, multi-core radio processor technology delivering system-level wireless connectivity solutions for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

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