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10X Reliability Multicore Wireless: A new Category of Wireless

Backwards compatible, transparent to your application, suitable for brownfield or greenfield projects. A transformation in battery powered and low energy wireless connectivity with RADiS™ multi-core RF and TurboMESH™ network management.


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Accelerating Transition to Wire-Free Machine Systems

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Our team are the drivers of an untethered future.

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Spearix is an early stage semiconductor startup realizing technology that makes wireless visible, reliable and predictable.


About Our Technology

Modern requirements of emerging applications place new demands on wireless. Wireless can no longer rely on human activity to operate. Wireless for machines requires visibility, reliability and predictability. Low power autonomous devices cannot afford dropped calls, unreliable connections and cannot move themselves out of a dead zone to send the next message. Autonomy and control can only be achieved using reliable wireless.


Patented multi-core RF processor technology auto-tunes wireless links to optimize power and performance independent of protocol, frequency, data-rate.


A powerful network management solution boosts network capacity and expands network coverage while delivering high visibility and reliability.

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News & Articles

Spearix Accepts Strategic Investment from Emerson Ventures

8.29.2022 Spearix Technologies, Inc. announces a strategic investment from Emerson (NYSE: EMR) through its corporate capital arm, Emerson Ventures. The partnership springboards commercialization of Spearix proprietary adaptive, multi-core radio processor technology delivering system-level wireless connectivity solutions for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

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With RADiS™ (RF Adaptive Diversity in Synchronized Networks), Spearix has invented a whole new category of wireless, called “multicore wireless.” Spearix uses multiple cores to build link margin and reliability, achieving unprecedented packet error rate performance, overcoming clutter and interference coming from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-wave, microwave ovens, and many other devices sharing the same spectrum.  

Multi-core wireless can overcome environmental aggressors such as co-channel interference, obstructions, reflections, and reduce RF transmit power far below the level normally required with a traditional single core implementation. Spearix wireless technology routinely penetrates through concrete walls and floors, steel enclosures such as truck boxes, refrigerators, oven doors, and cabinet enclosures. Multi-core wireless achieves a much lower packet error rate in the presence of materials normally hostile to wireless such as water, metals and even the ground itself.  

Spearix RADiS technology scales to the magnitude of your wireless challenge. Have a bigger challenge, add more cores. Cores can be applied transparently to higherdensity deployments. Our algorithm manipulates space, frequency, and time dynamically to find unused RF capacity in the air on the fly, resulting in packet transmission and reception in even the toughest conditions while using the least amount of power. This results in dramatically extended battery life, because the wireless radio doesn’t have to transmit and re-transmit over and over to try to “punch through” a crowded, noisy, aggressor-filled environment.  

Think of it this way: if you fill a bucket with large rocks, do you consider it full? If you try to put more in, you run out of space; no more will fit in the bucket. But if you pour sand into the bucket, you find there are plenty of cracks and crevices for the sand to add to the bucket’s contents. Spearix RADiS™ uses wireless like sand in between the rocks: it finds the gaps (in space, frequency and time) on a continuous basis, allowing for much more material in the bucket  

Consider what happens when no more sand fits. Is the bucket full? No. You can add water. And then is it full? 

What we mean by scalable is this: bring us your toughest challenges. RADiS is the only solution that doesn’t rely on increasing RF transmit power, nor improving RF receiver sensitivity. Instead RADiS builds link margin using multiple cores, making it a truly scalable solution.  

Predictable battery life is mandatory to maintain operational ROI in the IoT. RADiS delivers predictable battery life while being flexible and scalable in deployment. It makes the return on investment and total cost of ownership predictable and lower than other wireless technologies. Try our standard wireless modules, evaluation test systems, and wireless protocol services. 

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