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May 7, 2024  

Juan Conchas, 

VP Sales & Marketing, Spearix 

701 Brazos, Suite 518 | Austin, TX 78701 

 Spearix Announces Multi-Core Wireless Evaluation Kit for Challenging Internet of Things (IoT) Environments  

Effective Way to Evaluate Wireless in Environments Based on Packet Success Rate Where Other2.4 GHz Protocols Tend to be Unreliable 

AUSTIN, TEXAS— Today, Spearix Technologies, Inc. announced the availability of the SPX210C4 EVK Evaluation Kit compliant to IEEE802.15.4 specifically for measuring and visualizing wireless environments where many IoT wireless protocols may not operate reliably. 

The kit is the first of its kind to use packet error rate (PER) or conversely packet success rate (PSR) statistics to accurately assess link integrity.  Additionally, the kit incorporates RADiS™ multi-core wireless technology that establishes a space-frequency diversity across four cores to counteract environmental aggressors such as interference, obstructions, fade and reflections. The associated software lets you visualize energy and reliability improvements achieved by RADiS diversity as the link becomes up to 10X more reliable, 2X longer battery life.  

The kit is the first of a series of wireless tools that enable direct testing of environmental conditions imposed by challenging environments in the IoT using packet error rate (PER)and packet success rate (PSR). Now, for the first time using a simple, easy-to-use kit, wireless engineers, hardware engineers, MCU and MPU IP evaluators looking to understand superior, patented wireless technologies useful for access points, sensors, and machines connected to edge computers or access points can evaluate not only the technology, but their environment as well. Understanding the reliability of each link in terms of packet success rate enables predictable behavior in terms of re-transmissions and RF output power extending battery life and making it predictable. Predictable battery life in IoT applications minimizes ownership cost of the network and ensures predictable return on investment.  

The Spearix technology includes Integrated quad-core RADiS™ capabilities offering 10X reliability, 2X to 3X the range, 9X larger area coverage, and 2.5X longer battery life. The kit produces a point-to-point wireless link at 2.4GHz useful in determining link reliability in various environments. Applications such as industrial process automation, manufacturing, warehousing, construction, mining and logistics face constant unknown environmental challenges. The kit is a first line of defense in understanding these challenges in 2.4GHz spectrum. Future revisions of software will enable full WirelessHART, Bluetooth and other protocols.  

“Ideal for unlicensed spectrum that shares a continuously more crowded spectrum, low-cost battery powered IoT devices need the ability to transmit and receive data reliably”, noted CEO Manas Behera. “Unfortunately, most IoT environments can be challenging if not impossible for wireless technologies because of unpredictable ‘aggressors’”, he continued. “For traditional wireless, these aggressors induce retransmissions and higher RF power which may destroy battery life of the network. Without consistent and known battery life of each link, deploying, managing, and generating useful IoT data becomes a challenge. Until now.” 

“We at Spearix wanted to create something that a prospective customer can set up in minutes, see the nature of their wireless environment visually (the kit is portable), and understand how Spearix RADiS ™ can help solve some of their most difficult wireless problems”, says Juan Conchas, VP of Sales and “We are the first wireless modules supplier focused on using received packets statistics to establish the quality of the link. Received packets or PSR provides a higher fidelity picture of reliability than RSSI, LQI or another analog front end.” 

Additional advantages of the technology include scalability in performance, backwards compatibility with any existing protocol or spectrum, inherent visualization, and improved performance in cluttered environments. The current kit includes a USB interface that shows visualization of PSR, energy per capacity and running average of core performance on a Windows laptop. The detail and accuracy of these new metrics are industry firsts. 

The kit is USB powered and includes everything you need to bring up a point-to-point wireless test link. The kit hardware is upgradable to support new features in the future such as advanced protocols including WirelessHART and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).  

Software engineers, developers, CTOs, and product managers looking to license Spearix software, including protocol development as well as finished protocols, are also invited to purchase this Kit. 

About Spearix Technologies, Inc. 

Austin, Texas-based Spearix develops wireless technology for high reliability and mission critical applications.  working to bring dramatic improvements to existing protocols as well as customizing new protocols for industrial process automation, manufacturing, battery management, logistics, warehousing medical devices, sensors, and access points. In 2022 Spearix received initial investment from Emerson Ventures to help productize its technology, This Evaluation Kit is one of the results of that investment. 

The SPX210C4 EVK Evaluation Kit is available by contacting and by visiting for more details.