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Spearix RADiS™ SPX210
Evaluation Kit
for wireless 2.4 ghZ

Spearix is proud to announce that the Spearix RADiS™ SPX210 Evaluation Kit is available for immediate purchase.

This kit includes everything you need to evaluate not only Spearix RADiS technology for improving wireless transmit and receive, it also allows you to evaluate your environment to determine the nature of wireless aggressors. You can move the boards to different locations, and by reading the charts with the included software, you can easily determine the wireless situation.

Companies undergoing Industry 4.0 type transformations are finding wireless communications can be difficult even under the best of circumstances.

Why? Harsh environmental conditions and so-called “RF aggressors” interfere with signals, requiring increased RF power transmission or additional re-transmissions when packets are lost in the air. This presents a deployment and management challenge in Internet of Things (IoT) applications, ultimately hurting return on investment. Until now.

Introducing the RADiS SPX210 Evaluation Kit, from Spearix

RADiS™ (RF Adaptive Diversity in Synchronized networks) dramatically improves transmission and reception of data over any spectrum and protocol. The kit and associated software demonstrate relative improvement in battery life, latency and reliability achievable with RADiS multi-core wireless within a given test environment. The kit utilizes IEEE802.15.4 physical layer operating in 2.4 GHz band used by WirelessHART, ZigBee, Bluetooth, 6LoWPAN, Thread and other protocols targeting battery powered IoT applications. In this current release, the kit supports a point-to-point link meant to show reliability in real life industrial and commercial environments.

Future releases will support star and mesh topologies using various protocols such as WirelessHART and Bluetooth.

Who Should Buy This Kit?

Wireless Engineers, Hardware Engineers, MCU and MPU IP evaluators looking to understand superior,  patented wireless technologies useful for edge computer systems, access points, sensors, and machines connected to edge computers or access points that need to share industrial internet of things (IIoT) or IoT data over wireless connections.

Software Engineers, Developers, CTOs, and Product Managers looking to license Spearix software, including protocol development as well as finished protocols.

For more information and a no-cost, no obligation consultation, please contact:


Juan Conchas, VP of Sales & Marketing


701 Brazos, Suite 518 | Austin, TX 78701


Key Benefits

Packet success rate (PSR) based metrics: The Eval Kit provides accurate wireless link metrics based on packet success rate, the most accurate evaluation of the wireless environment. The GUI reports packet success rate per core and composite RADiS™ as well as energy per bit, energy per bit per second, and other metrics useful in measuring, visualizing, and understanding wireless environments.

Understanding Effects of Aggressors:  Use our Eval Kit to determine  how multipath fade, reflections, obstructions and interference in the environment impact PSR and ultimately battery life.

Greater efficiency: Tune your wireless devices for optimum performance by incorporating RADiS™ technologies into your solution, dramatically reducing energy consumption and therefore prolonging battery life.

Less Energy means Lower Cost of Operation:  Whether it is eliminating the service costs associated with changing batteries (personnel, time, downtime, and reliability), or simply using less energy, RADiS™ reduces operational expenses  while maintaining real time data throughput.